Joe Ryckebosch


    • Male

    About the artist

    Lives in Portland, Oregon
    1972: Was born in Lancaster, California

    My work is comprised of found materials gleaned from myriad thrift stores, scrap yards, re-use centers, and yard sales of Portland, OR.  I am especially drawn to vintage wildlife and landscape imagery. I use antiquated architectural drafting tape to “Re-envision” the original images. I am interested in exploring the relationship of the image combined with bold colors and strict patterns, which the tape offers. The tape itself is not easy to come by, and so far most of it is acquired from random eBay auctions and other online sources. Often times the rolls of tape have been partially used, thus making the re-purposed component of my work very close to consisting of 100% re-used materials.

    The joy in making these pieces reveals itself in the hunt for the objects. I never know what I'm going to find when entering a thrift store, or stumbling upon a random yard sale. Often times I find myself plotting ideas right then and there at the site of a good "find". If I see that there is some promise in an object I will take it home and begin work on it.

    I consider the found object to be a piece at all times, and the amount of re-envisioning depends upon the original construct and balance of the image. If the found image has too much color it may require a more subtle tape palette, whereas not enough color might equal a more busy and active work. This is not to say that I don't enjoy taking chances and sometimes just going for it to see how a work turns out.

    I enjoy the juxtaposition of the brightly colored tape married with the faded image. The idea that things can occur in nature that we may not see is very interesting to me. The lines and patterns can be viewed as an energy or force surrounding the natural beauty of the world outside.

    Joe Ryckebosch

    Source: Joe Ryckebosch´s site