Johanna Abraham


    • Female

    About the artist

    lives and works in Berlin, Germany
    1978: Born in Pabianice, Poland

    Education 2006

    Braunschweig University of Art, Meisterschülerin of Prof. Frances Scholz


    Braunschweig University of Art, Diploma

      Grants 2009

    Los Angeles, grant from the State Government of North Rhine- Westphalia


    Scholarship of KSN - Foundation

      Represented by Studio Sandra Recio, Geneva, Switzerland   Projects since 2003

    Cooperation with artist groups Pathetic Sympathy Seekers (PSS) and Ashley & Adelaide Rumford-Warwick


    Curational work for Off Space Kunstklub Berlin

      Exhibitions 2011

    Five Quarters, Projekt Raum Kunstfabrik, Berlin
    Nomadische Unschärfen, Temporary Gallery, Köln
    Dystopia, CAPC Museum for Contemporary Art, Bordeaux


    You Fail! Zu Erfolg und Scheitern, Periscope Project Space, Salzburg
    Whereabouts, VONRaum, Berlin (Solo)
    The Making of Enthusiasm (copy), Artists Unlimited Galerie, Bielefeld
    The Making of Enthusiasm (copy), Quasi: Forschung-Stadt-Kultur e.V, Berlin
    Pathetic Sympathy Seekers In Touch With Reality, West Germany, Berlin
    humhum, Studio Sandra Recio, Geneva (Solo)


    G : 7 Someday . Some Morning . Sometime, Galerie Moeller, Bonn
    Das letzte Mal als ich in Germany war, Kunstklub Berlin
    RRGRBRBRFRPR, Kunstklub Berlin


    Bum, Artists Unlimited Galerie, Bielefeld (Solo)
    Be your own elevator, Kunstklub Berlin
    Space Erasers or The Delights of Three-Dimensional Existence, Galerie oqbo, Berlin
    Provoking Ghosts, Kunstklub Berlin


    Merdre Kajal, KSN, Northeim (Solo)
    Pathetic Sympathy Seekers Go Business, Kunstklub Berlin
    Plan Z, Malkasten, Düsseldorf
    Container archive, Artedove platform for cultural studies, curated by Sandra Recio & Joanna Cohen, Italy


    We recruit, Kunstklub Berlin
    Don‘ t stop me trying now, Artists Unlimited Galerie, Bielefeld
    Mädels, Galerie Rivet, Cologne
    Meisterschüler, Braunschweig University Of Art
    Spin Off, WP 8, Düsseldorf


    Pathetic Sympathy Seekers, Jahnstraße 16, Braunschweig
    Plattform #2, Kunstverein Hannover


    Picture yourself on a white horse, Lange Nacht der Museen,Eupener Straße, Cologne
    Duldungsreflex, Hinterconti, Hamburg

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