• John Cage


    • Male


    About the artist

    1912: Was born in Los Angeles
    1934: He studied counterpoint with Arnold Shoenberg
    1992: He died in New York

    American composer. Also a poet and essayist, is located within the American avant-garde stream in the second half of the twentieth century, influential trends in both experimental contemporary U.S. and Latin America.

    The son of an engineer and inventor of electronic devices submarines entered the University of Pomona (California), and course after studying architecture in Europe and piano. John Cage developed early a quiet but tenacious desire to experiment applied in particular to the music, but in a wider field of exploration of the language. He was instrumental learning experience with Arnold Schoenberg, who soon became a radical composer, inventor lived as a music "sound aggregation" and, therefore, also of "silence", defined as "inaudible sounds."

    In his musical output, Cage is beyond any pre-set categories, including dodecaphony. After having crossed all barriers harmonic as unorthodox use of traditional instruments led to the discovery of unpublished sonorities. In this area is the idea of "prepared piano" (1938), which consists in creating unexpected sonorities placed between the strings of a traditional piano desacralizing objects like nuts and bolts. Adoption of silence as part of the musical score-is celebrated in this respect his 4'33'' (1952), which leaves penetrate its 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence, ambient sounds and devoted his time to Cage to the musical forefront.

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