Jorge Castillo


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    About the artist

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    Spent his childhood in Argentina, where his father, businessman and traveller, had to settle for political reasons, and where he died in the midst of the Spanish Civil War.

    Since its early years and pointed out relentlessly, held a series of illustrations inspired by the stories of "Heart" of Edmondo de Amicis, book of those years of considerable expansion.

    Was an irregular student, begins the craftsmanship and tales. An accident leads to the judicial work in the mechanical industry, where he learned technical drawing. You have the opportunity to learn about contemporary painting and read without rest.
    since 1950 is intermittent dedicated to painting and Galicia befriended notable residents of Buenos Aires, such as Laxeiro and Manuel Colmeiro and Luis Seoane.

    Remains in the Argentina until 1956, the year that comes to Spain and meets military service in Zaragoza, where the advantage of time free to paint. In 1958 he became friends with Juana bite, then in charge of Biosca Gallery. Related to renowned Spanish artists. Initially extends its name to Paris and residence in Barcelona, where the home in 1961 and two years later enviuva.

    Settled in Paris and known Italian Marienza Binetti, who for years exerted a strong influence on the artist, and is relentlessly. His work opens avenues of Europe and New York in the final years of the 1960s. Its great triptych entitled "Palomares" on the incident of the atomic bomb by Americans lost in waters under Mediterranean, reached fame.

    In 1969 was invited to live and work for a year in Berlin, where he held numerous paintings, prints and sculptures. In the 1960s fame consolidated Castle and exhibitions take place in the main galleries of the world, giving rise to Castle to write about the most important critics. In 1977 is the first monograph on the artist, written by Werner Haftmann. In 1982, linked to the famous Marlborough Gallery, contemporary art in United States referee.

    Sculptures are placed in public places in major cities of Western Europe. In Spain undoubtedly dedicated to the publication of this monograph of Ratcliff published the polygraph. Acquire its important works museums such as the Guggenheim in New York, where the artist put his residence and has a broad study.

    In his hometown, Ltd., dedicates a special room for the celebration of the Biennale in 1988. The above Gallery neoiorkina and Meadows Museum in Dallas, Texas, dedicated major exhibitions that are repeated in Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela during the year 1990.

    The work of Jorge Castillo displayed in museums around the world, from United States Jerusalem. Compostela is home to the permanent Museum, according to the artist with the Xunta de Galicia and the city of Santiago.

    Is close to surrealism that leave many of his creations, even if it is close, sometimes a certain hyperrealism very personal.

    There is a purely symbolic step, but subxectivizada in his paintings in New York, where the point of view of the architecture of giant excuse for this city to exercise unmistakable plastics.

    In terms of his concern for his sculpture of his graphic work and painting, probably the aspect that most unveiled in environments international.
    received the Castelao medal in 1992.

    Source: Wikipedia

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