Jorge LLopis


    • Male
    • Painter


    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Jorge LLopis Jordà, 1968. Alicante, Spain.

    Bachelor of fine Artes.Universidad of Castilla - La Mancha.

    Individual exhibitions:

    1995 - the sound of the shadows. Journal Club Levante.Valencia. *
    -dream that I am on the other side. The Consellería de Cultura, Alicante.* - Pink Gallery Hernandez.alicante young Hall. -Transferencia.Sala Crisol.Valencia.
    1994-Gallery Allez les Fillez.Columbus.Ohia.EEUU. -Galeria Dotze Bis.Vilafranca of the -Espai D ?art to Lamber.javea.alicante. *
    1993-showroom Solar two castros. Vila Nova de Cerveira. (Portugal). 1992-exhibition hall of the Faculty of fine arts of Cuenca.

    Awards: 1994-honorable mention. XV certamen Nacional de painting Eusebio Sempere.Onil.Alicante. 1993-Accesit.X painting Cambre.La Coruña City Council contest. 1992-honorable mention and acquisition of work. VII biennial of cerveira art. Portugal.
    work in coleccion:

    -International Museum of Electrografia.mide.cuenca.

    -Daily Levante.

    -Ivaj.Instituto Valenciano de la Juventud.

    -Diputación de Alicante.

    The working part of the reunion with the painting, after years away from it, with the creative process between the artist and his memory. It is the rebirth of memories, places, thoughts.

    Vivid landscapes and imagined landscapes. Recognize the unrecognizable.

    The fight of the meaning in the box. All random, repeat, the gesture that projected, manifests itself as a new image. The process is slow and calm, which positions us to a new landscape. Full of memories and suspicions.

    Identifies us as inadequate aware of the reality of the work.

    The calm sheltered in the distance of the varnish that separates and protects the secrets of painting.


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