Jose Eliecer Riascos Erazo


    • Drawer
    • Painter


    About the artist

    I am from Colombia who was born in the city of Popayán. Since I was a kid I was interested in drawing and at the age of 21 consider the work of Leonardo da Vinci and i decided on the paint, my learning has been self-taught but based on the great artists, such as Pieter Brueghel,Gustav Klimt or Henri Rousseau. However tried to find my own style. In addition to the painting I am interested in the theology and music.

    My work represents a combination between the paint and the modern classic, and I am aware of that risk is a painting of a traditional way taking into account that the art of today requires novel things, but much of what is being done at the present time does not go with my ideals, and that is why I am being careful in what next to painting but without leaving aside my freedom to express my creativity and my taste for classicism.

    I hope to get there very soon to better results and continue to prepare things interesting and original to turn them into reality. I have many projects that I am developing in the field abstract and figurative that i would like to very much to know in the future although i would also return to give a value to the classical art and somehow return to be in effect at present.

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