Jose Eliecer Riascos Erazo


    • Drawer
    • Painter


    About the artist

    Jose Eliecer Riascos Erazo
    I was born in the city of Popayán Department of Cauca (Colombia). My artistic training is of an empirical nature and in my learning process I resort to the study of colors and shapes that I can see in my environment, exploring spaces in which I can generate ideas that connect emotion with color.

    As a child I became interested in drawing and at 21 years of age I started studying the work of Leonardo da Vinci and decided to devote myself to painting, I have learned admiring the drawings and paintings of great artists such as Joseph William Turner, Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Picasso, Paul Klee etc ...
    My work represents a combination between classical and modern painting even knowing that today's Art demands new things, I am trying to approach results that agree with a style that has as purpose a good connection between the viewer and the work, without Take into account if it is classic or contemporary.

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