Jose Guevara


    • Male
    • Illustrator
    • Painter


    Retratos al oleo

    About the artist

    The maximum satisfaction of our customers is what moves Portrait Gallery every day along with a passion in drawing and plastic arts in general. It is a pleasure to be part of the illusion you have when you commission your custom portrait, which you normally give to your loved ones on some special date or for some special reason. Giving is the best reason to order a charcoal drawing or oil painting. They are something special, drawn and painted entirely by hand and with a traditional and classic technique that great artists have used for centuries. The one who receives the portrait captures the message of love and the one who gives it is full of satisfaction. At least this is how you transmitted it to us with your messages.

    Galería del retrato es un sitio creado para ofrecerte retratos al oleo por encargo de alta calidad, realizados con la máxima profesionalidad.

    For all this we want to transmit the maximum tranquility to you so that you order your portrait. Because to draw or to paint your photographies in the technique of the charcoal or to the oil we take it very seriously, and we want that you remain very satisfied or proud.

    You can use any type of photography, both a photograph taken in a professional studio and one that you have done with your mobile. The more quality the photo has, the better, although with any we will get a good portrait, which will satisfy the most demanding tastes.