Jose Luis Cuevas


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    José Luis Cuevas (1931-) Pintor, cartoonist, writer, engraver, sculptor and Mexican Illustrator born on February 26, 1931 in the city of Mexico. His older brother, Alberto Cuevas Novelo doctor declare that - because of the recent internment at medical South - his brother was actually born in 1931 and not in 1934 as the artist, who is removing years.

    His artistic training is virtually self-taught. He has been one of the main figures of the "rupture generation" with Mexican muralism and one of the most outstanding representatives of the figurativism. It is a draughtsman, engraver, sculptor and Illustrator. By working with the line in gestual­ great ferocity naked the souls of his characters portraying the magnificence of human degradation in the world of prostitution and despotism. Before reaching the age of 10, caves is registered as an irregular student with the Emerald school; continued his artistic training at the Mexico City College, taking classes in engraving with Lola Cueto.

    In the mid-1950s, the work of caves begins to be recognized by collectors and reviewers, among them José Gómez Sucre, who invites you to exhibit at the Pan American Union (Washington, DC). José Luis Cuevas acquired notoriety for its constant exhibitions, both in the United States, as in Mexico, the rest of Latin America and in Europe, even in the Edouar Loeb Gallery in Paris, the important artist Pablo Picasso purchase work of caves.

    Is credited with having "baptized" as the "Zona Rosa" in the Federal District as a tribute and sign of great admiration by the cubano-mexicana artist Rosa Carmina, which was then an important area of promoting cultural, intellectual and fashion of the city of Mexico.

    On that site exhibited what was titled as "Ephemeral Mural" in 1967, same that reassembles the following year at the campus, as a sign of support for the student movements that were held that year in the city of Mexico. It should be added that two years later manifested itself in San Francisco, California, against the war in Viet Nam, organized happenings (shows that require the involvement of the public) and developing posters.

    His initial intention was to show the anguish and the solitude of man and chose to do so the scenes found in hospitals and brothels; their models were and continue to be the prostitute, the beggar, the insane and the sick. Despite the recurrence of the issues, caves may be said that in his work there are different variants by deformed beings, beautiful images of nearly monstrous characters.

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