Jose Luis Lopez Moral


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

    1982: I am an artist who comes from the world of painting, a painting charged matter and influenced by the expressionist tendencies of the 80s. With the arrival of the new millennium, I decide to make a cut in my way of understanding art and give a 180 degree turn. To dump me towards new technologies. It is the opportunity to experiment with digital photography as if it were paint. In that moment when I begin to focus on the landscape with a much more classical point of view, now come to mind Friedrich, Constable, Turner and a long etc. of pioneers of photography. It is when the work of portrait painter of landscapes or landscapes Hunter really begins. I flee from the conventions of the landscape photography of the 20th century and start a search for the essence in the photographs I take, these become a mental rest, and a confluence of ideas of a landscape that does not exist. I came over my work to the poetic concept of the image and try to rescue from oblivion the landscapes of suburb that live in our capi