José Luis Simón Gimeno


    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Objective, curious name for something so subjective. There is nothing more emotional than a camera's lens. Leave bribe without qualms, and although it observes and memorizes the reality thoroughly, is the least reliable witness with which we can count.

    Never an objective captured sunshine if the photographer had a grey day, in the same way that never engulfed the loneliness of an empty room if who shot felt right. When a target is located between reality and the man, nothing is what it seems. And if that man is José Luis Simón, more realistic distortion is served. Do not look for a thread because you will not find it. Do not seek a common denominator because there is it. Do not seek... don't seek and you will find.

    Photographs as painted on canvas, windows through which will want to go to see if the landscape that captured this humble goal exists, and beliefs that are removed by the grace of an objective, its target. Or perhaps after walking through these pictures will continue to claiming that there is a single black sheep, that the asphalt of the city is grey and lacking in light or a Heron is less Chameleon than a stick insect in family?

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