• Male
    • Illustrator
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Hyperrealist
    • Photographer
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Sculptor
    • Designer
    • Drawer
    • Digital artist
    • Neoconceptual

    About the artist

    José Mª Díaz Ligüeri Ariño, born in Ceuta who began his studies of painting in the Studio of the artist Torres Bru (partner and friend of Dali) in Cadiz 1982.

    Has been publishing world of Photography Prize for his work shift.

    On some occasions mentioned the tendency of this artist to minimum formats, feature that participates in this new spirit of austere and refractory to the sensationalism and, far from miniaturize painting, generating a paradoxical and disturbing monumentality. Paints the reflection of what we see, of what he feels, than it is with absolute frankness. The work of this artist resident in Seville, but closely linked to Ceuta, addressed in its essence and fullness the landscapes that are closest to him and confronts them with an indisputable originality. Discoverer of beauty in the most unexpected and with a personal and unmistakable discourse, is able to move us through color and the suggestions of the matter. Color transcends the form and speaks only of the substance of the things … "

    " painting with feelings and making use of colors ', as Chardin said, aims to offer truth with painting and drawing, through its own means - light and tone, space and the composition """, matter and the brushstroke"

    this exhibition contains much of the last two years of its creative activity which, despite appearing distinctly differentiated his previous production, it maintains a relationship of continuity now expressed from a more realistic position.

    Artistic training

    Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty Santa Isabel in Hungary. Seville.

    Doctoral dissertation: "from discovery to photographic creativity".

    Epistemology and artistic practice. University of Seville

    course in workshop of the painter Torres Bru.

    The portrait and its practical application to the oil and other pictorial procedures. University of Seville

    research in fine arts and computer science. University of Seville

    the art criticism as a methodology of assessment. University of Seville

    an expressionist drawing. University of Seville

    forgotten Arts: mosaics and stained glass Windows. University of Seville

    design and layout software. DGA. Seville

    training pedagogical attitudes. University of Sevilla.

    Computer programming. University of Seville IBM.


    2013: Museo Contemporaneo de Ceuta: Ligüeri

    2012: CINEP Rio de Janeiro. "A cidade e or river".

    2012: NEUROMANCIA in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto.

    2013: EL PENOL, Colombia: Expo man - stone - water.


    2013: La Sombra de la Sierpe" circle of the art in Toledo.

    2013: Hidranatura; Art and water. Faculty of education, Badajoz.


    2013 Ver@cidades" through mostra da photography and painting. Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco (Univasf), Campus headquarters, em Petrolina (PE). Brazil

    2013: ON.OFF Exhibition Hall. Instituto Piaget. Viseu. Portugal. VISEU-PORTUGAL.

    2013: Campus Stellae, LEON - Spain. exhibition: Heaven.

    1995: International collective exhibition. John Mackintosh Hall Gibraltar.

    1995: International collective exhibition. House of the culture Algeciras.

    1995: International collective exhibition. Military Casino Ceuta.

    1995: International collective exhibition. Instituto Cervantes Tangier.

    1995: Twisty exhibition. Contemporary Art Center Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta.

    1991: Painting exhibition at Centro Cultural collective Alcala de Guadaira (Sevilla).

    1990: Group exhibition of painting Macarena Hotel (Sevilla).

    1990: Ornamentation and graphic space. Art Gallery of fine arts of Seville.

    1990 Gallery Promo-art (Seville).

    1989 Gallery Promo-art (Seville).

    1987 Gallery Promo-art (Seville).