José Maria Mellado


    • Male


    About the artist

    1966: Born in Almería

    Great technician of photography - with extensive research on the shooting, the digital image processing and printing. He was president of the Real Sociedad Fotográfica / Royal Photographic Society. His work is featured in major publications, including the Encyclopedia of Spanish photography (2004), Historia de la Real Sociedad Fotográfica (2004) or 100 Fotógrafos Españoles (2005). His book on digital photography has been a bestseller in Spain, and has given rise to a wealth of publications on his work. In 2000, José María Mellado creates Imagen in Yellow, a space to Madrid where he produced his own feelings and those of other photographers such important Iberian what Isabel Muñoz, Ouka Leele ... His work is found in major museums and collections, one of his piece is the first to incorporate digital photography collection prestigious Reina Sofia.

    His recent works are listed in four monographs: "Silence & Light", "Islandia Iceland Ísland", "Landscape" and "From Heaven to Earth" published in 2012, a co-production of the gallery Sandrine Mons - on sale at LOFT

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