Josef Jobst


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Drawer
    • Abstract expressionist


    About the artist

    For me doing art is a kind of meditation. My art is an expression of my life's experiences, my dreams and nightmares. Allmost all of my artwork tells a story of sorts or describes a socio-political statement or global themes, sometimes cryptic, satirical or humorous.

    Because I'm not a writer or poet I'm painting my poems, or I'm composing my songs using colors as my notes.

    My passion for colors let me take the artist-name "Chromosoph" (greek for "Color-Lover" or "Color-Thinker") I started as a realistic painter, now I'm a figurative painter but I love the infinite freedom of abstractions; so most of my art now is "figurative abstraction".

    My artistic influences are based in the art of the early impressionists (the "School of Barbizon"). Like the work of those artists, I explore the space between realistic and abstract art - in a rich and diverse stylistic texture.

    My style is me (I hate classifications by categories), and yes, art must be self-explanatory!

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