Jürgen EHRE


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Drawer
    • Mixed media
    • Photographer


    Galerie Étienne de Causans, Paris, France

    About the artist

    Jürgen EHRE
    artist artist/artist

    Born in Kassel, Germany, in 1941
    studies of decoration, graphic arts, scenery scenic.
    since 1963 lives in Paris
    1963-1967 studies at the Sup national school mark of fine arts, Paris :
    painting, lithography, engraving workshop: Profs. John E. Beck, Lucien Couteaud,
    Eugène Clairin, Georges Dayez.
    painting, Steindruck, copper
    realized many exhibitions in Europe, shares in England, USA, Asia.

    Collections purchases :
    Museum of modern art of the city of Paris: 1970/1986
    National Library of Paris, Cabinet of prints: 1970
    F.N.A.C Department of Cultural Affairs, Paris: 1972
    Museum ' Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium: 1972
    California College of Arts and Crafts: 1972
    city of Paris: 1977
    private Collections in France, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Holland, Italy

    artist, in his œ work during his work, went through different periods.
    the period black :
    the first, from 1963 to 1980, shows us in his debut of the forms or entities abstract turning slowly to appear, projected on a black screen, the canvas, using background analysis to the body in a State of "gestation" to crystallize them as a radiolucent.
    a worried world being human and animal forms in a symbolic universe where, faced with the mirror of time, they testify to their existence by a light, transparent, almost surreal representation that questions!
    Compositions and slightly transparent abstract forms in white on black screen which is the canvas, such a x-ray.
    Evolution of these abstract forms giving rise to forms of e very human and animal body.


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