Juan de Sande


    • Male

    About the artist

    He lives and works in Madrid
    1964: Was born in Madrid

    Since 2002, performs images that pretend to close proximity to reality but it is not really so. The important thing is not deception, but the process; There is something existential about his way of understanding life and work. What really matters is the final image, the plastic result after a long process of construction, their past two photographic series, "Impossible view" and "Nocturnal natures", are an example of this.

    In "Point of view impossible" presents a single image, as something unique and possible, buildings or impossible natures are experienced in a single moment. An image that by their dimensions or proximity is only possible to understand in its entirety and which unites the partial visions of the same. The photographs in this series are the result of the union of 9 to 52 different of a same theme pictures. "Nocturnal natures" part of total darkness, with the various centres and lanterns crosses the box from every angle that nature allows you to illuminate. To present an inhospitable place, at night, illuminated during hours with various light sources and contradictory angles.

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