Juan Manuel Álvarez Romero


    • Male
    • Sculptor
    • Illustrator
    • Painter


    Pablo del Barco "Sevilla"
    Imagina Arte "Sevilla"
    Galeria Anima "Sevilla"

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Juan Manuel Álvarez Romero studied at the school of Arts and crafts in Seville in the specialty of carving in stone.
    career shows very particular features, always free from constraints scholars coined its vital principle of faithfulness.
    throughout his career has drunk from the big museums, galleries and exhibitions, being social consciousness its aesthetic reference.
    is considered artistic researcher who could well sign up within the framework of the generation of the 1980s. "Gallery Promoarte"
    painting from 1983 to 1989: exhibits at various bookstores and bars of the province.
    1989 exhibition at the "Promoarte" Gallery in Seville. 1990-1991 exhibited at "La Carbonería" and the Gallery - "anima", both of Seville.
    1991 exhibits at the Gallery "Geós Wohnem", Berlin (Germany).
    1995 exhibits at the Gallery "Imagine" of Seville.
    1996 room East. Box San Fernando de Sevilla y jerez. Sevilla.
    2007 Room RTVA in Seville.
    2011 Exhibits at the Municipal Hall of Culture in Conil de la Frontera.

    Exhibitions - SCULPTURE

    1990 exhibition of sculpture in the Pavilion of Uruguay, Seville.
    permanent exhibition, exhibition in the Gallery - "anima".

    1991 exhibition at "The Carboneria", of Seville.

    1983 finalist in contest plastic V, organized by the D.P.C. Board of Andalusia Seville.
    1984 finalist at the contest organized by the Polytechnic School of Seville.
    1985 I exhibition "Cinema Goya", Seville.
    1986 "Third cycle Borough V", Seville.
    2003 exhibition together with Enrique Alcala Town Hall of Carmona
    1989 "Performance", alongside Cesar Reglero in the plaza de San Francisco, Seville.
    1989-1993 is part of the collective more-a-graph chart where she teaches lessons in drawing and engraving.
    1990 painters for peace, Seville.
    1992 painters Andalusians in Poitier (France].
    1992-93-collective Gallery "of the boat", Seville.
    1993-95 runner-up in the contest of the Foundation FOCUS)Seville.
    1996-collective exhibition alongside Javier Buzón, Francisco Cortijo, Paco Cuadrado, Luis Gordillo, Santiago del Campo, Gerardo Delgado, Alfonso Fraile, Carlos Montaño, Miguel Pérez Aguilera, Juan Romero, Manuel Salinas, Antonio Sosa, Ignacio Tovar, Rafael Zapatero, Fernando Zobel.
    awards and scholarships
    1986 first prize for sculpture District Municipal V, Seville.
    1987 scholarship of scenic beauty in Stockholm (Sweden].
    1994 Special mention of) FOCUS, Sevilla.

    Finalist in the contest Emilio Ollero.
    national prize for painting harp "Carmona" 2003
    national prize for painting Endesa "port plain" 2001