Judy Hintz Cox Judy Cox


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Minimalist


    Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta USA
    Corrigan Gallery, Charleston USA
    B2 Fine Art, Tacoma, USA
    Broadhurst, Pinehurst, USA
    Oriet's Fine Art, Monkton, USA
    Artwork Network, Denver, USA

    About the artist

    When not working as an artist I become anxious and irritable. I have been painting for 44 years and learned long ago to give up fear: fear of wasting paint, of making a mess, of being alone and inferior to thousands of artists I love, fear of not making money and spending too much on materials, and most of all the fear of not receiving praise or validation.

    My paintings are both abstract expressionistic and minimal. Through the years I have stripped away that which doesn't belong knowing an overworked painting does not work for me. I paint with oil, encaustic and sometimes epoxy resin.

    Presently, I am painting with a lot of black and white. These paintings are loose and expressive. The minimal pieces from a year ago also have a black and white palette. My paintings have a lot of texture and energy. The reason I chose art as a profession was due to excessive energy. Though thrilled with birth of my first daughter, I needed an energy outlet. At age 26 I was given a canvas, paint and some brushes. Touching brush to canvas began my obsession.