Julio Galeote


    • Male
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    "I am interested in the relationships we set up with the objects we use daily, in how and why we use them and the way in which they possess a meaning according to the place and the physical order that contain them. I am attracted by the idea of seeing things we employ mechanically without thinking about their purpose.

    My practice combines the idea of installation and representation through constructions made in studio in order to be photographically documented. I try to verify reality from a constructed image. My photographs aim at the fictionalization of the world around me through the construction of sets that relates to the fragility of all the social systems we set up.

    The construction of the image in this way refers to how space is transformed in relation to the chosen items and their context. This change allows reviewing the way in which we interact with reality."

    Julio Galeote

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