Kamar Thomas


    • Male
    • fine artist
    • Photographer
    • Painter
    • Drawer


    Susan Halper Fine Art Inc

    About the artist

    I am a painter from Port Antonio, Jamaica. I graduated from Wesleyan University in 2012. I make large oil paintings which explore how flexible and unfixed our understanding of the self is. I seek to challenge the personal and contextual construction of identity through a series of large painted self-portraits. Identity includes expressions of individuality as well as group affiliations such as nationality or cultural identity and gender and racial identities. I frame a culturally relevant question by removing the conventional answers available or, or if it must be, to produce answers that suggest a reexamination of the question entirely and so encourage a critical analysis of the cultural conventions and protocols from which the question was borne. I am particularly interested in this because of the many shifting contexts my own identity has been through and continues to be subjected. For example, I grew up in Jamaica and spent my entire life there, only moving to the United States to study at Wesleyan University four years ago. I have encountered the need to be flexible while staying connected to my past as I navigate an ever-changing present. First, I cover my face or the subject’s face in paint, and then I take a photograph and edit it digitally to produce several different reference photographs. I finally use the resulting images to make an oil painting. I select images to paint based on their emotional impact and on how exciting they will be to execute in paint.

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