Katarina Sokolova


    • Female
    • Collage
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Hyperrealist
    • Illustrator
    • Painter



    About the artist

    I was born in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Starting from the age of six, I attended classes at the batik and graphics departments of the Art Union of Painters of Ukraine. In 2002 I have graduated from the graphics department.

    During the last nine years I have been enjoying working as a computer graphics artist. Create digital illustrations and covers for lot of international editorials, publishing houses and magazines. Take part in international and national events and issues.
    In 2004, Norma Editorial of Barcelona, Spain has published a compilation of my Digital art works, called INSOMNIA, which is very popular in purchasing in European Union and USA.

    Corel Painter Official Magazine / UK (cover)
    EXPOSÉ 1, 2, 3, 4 (cover), 5, 6, 7 / BALLISTIC Publishing of Australia
    EXOTIQUE 1, 2, 3, 4 / BALLISTIC Publishing of Australia
    PAINTER / BALLISTIC Publishing of Australia
    ImagineFX / UK (cover, monthly column)
    Art Scene International Magazine / EU (cover)
    HildenDesign / Germany (cover)
    SUMA de letras / Madrid (cover)
    Blanvalet / Germany (cover)
    Santillana Ediciones Generales, S. L. / Madrid (cover)
    Walker Childrens / UK (Tempest series covers)
    GuterPunkt / Germany (cover)
    Ullstein / Germany (cover)
    Dawn Cook / Kim Harrison TRUTH Series covers
    Bloomsbury Publishing / UK (cover)
    VAMRIPOS / Norma Editorial (special guest author)
    Planeta Group(Emecé Editores S.A.) / Argentina (cover)
    Digital Camera / Russia (cover)
    Digital Photo&Video Camera / Ukraine
    INSOMNIA ART BOOK / Norma Editorial, Spain
    2D Artist magazine

    Since 2003 my works are regularly included in the books of the best digital art in the world EXPOSÉ (1, 2, 3, 4 - author of the cover, 5, 6, 7), EXOTIQUE (1, 2, 3), PAINTER (BALLISTIC Publishing, Australia)

    My photo artworks were repeatedly used for book covers by many publishing houses: HildenDesign, SUMA de letras, Santillana Ediciones Generales, S. L, Planeta Group, Norma Editorial etc. (Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Argentina, Canada)

    Since 2007 my works are used in the Corel Painter X advertising campaign. My digital paintings are included in the Corel Painter X Welcome Book, Corel Painter X Gallery, Corel Painter X Official Calendar and are placed at the official Corel Painter Studio website. In 2009 my works were used for Corel Painter 11 cover box and advertising campaign (promo materials, tutorials, etc.). I am an official beta tester of Corel Painter 11 (2008-2009). In 2006-2008 my digital paintings were presented at the exhibition, opening international ADAPT ART Conference in Canada. This event, organized by Corel Corporation, presents outstanding digital and concepts artists and animators from all over the world. My works are also included in the annual art catalog released by Corel Corporation.

    Since 2007 I work as the constant author in ImagineFX magazine (UK). I have my own monthly column of digital painting lessons. At the end of 2008 I received the offer to create the magazine's cover and article about the process of painting this work for Christmas issue.

    Personal Exhibitions:
    1997, Kiev, Ukraine, Art Union of Painters of Ukraine - graphics, batik, aquarelle
    1998, Kiev, Ukraine, Art Union of Painters of Ukraine - computer graphics
    2000, Kiev, Ukraine, Art Union of Writers of Ukraine - batik, aquarelle
    2001, Kiev, Ukraine, World Congress of Ukrainian Diaspora - batik, graphics
    2003, Toronto, Canada, Private Gallery - digital art, art photography
    2005, Tokyo, Japan, National University of Arts - graphics
    2006, Boston, USA - SIGGRAPH, digital art
    2007, Montreal, Canada - ADAPT ART CONFERENCE, digital art
    2008, Montreal, Canada - ADAPT ART CONFERENCE, digital art
    2010, Seoul, Korea, Gallery Buchon Cultural Foundation - PISAF, digital art
    2011, Annecy, France, Centre de Congres de L'Imperial Palace - ANNECY International Invitation Exhibition, digital art
    2011, Milano, Italy, HANGAR BICOCCA art location - First Digital ART Show, digital art