Katia Muñoz


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Installation
    • Painter
    • Mixed media

    About the artist

    She has a great ability to transmit emotional content in a fantasy more attached to the abstract, but also using figurative resources, using the foundations of a synthesis in which the color is organized from within need.

    Plastic and Visual Artist who exhibited her artwork since 1995 in different countries like Peru, Sweden, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Lithuania and USA.

    In 2009 she presented her first solo show in Spain with a Photographic Installation on memory entitled "All is not lost." In 2011 she participated as a guest artist in the Caribbean Artists group exhibition at the Museum of Art at the University of Magdalena de Santa Marta, Colombia. Since 2010 it belongs to the group Rosmolen Art- Hispanic Holland Foundation. In 2010 she participated in the Bi-National Mexico / Spain exhibition "200 years later ..." which was exhibited in the city of Baja California (Mexico) and Los Angeles, CA (USA).

    In 2011 she presents her first solo exhibition in Denmark as an exclusive artist Tornby Gallery. In 2012 she exposed alongside other international creative women in Women in RED Myro Gallery in Greece. In 2013, she is a resident artist and exclusively for the solidarity art project PAINT A FUTURE in Netherlands. She belongs to the TOGS Barcelona Group. She was selected for the ELA BRUSSELS EXPO, one of the biggest shows of Latin American Art in Europe who traveled throughout cities in Belgium.

    Also I'm independent Cultural Management and artivist by the Collaborative and participatory art in social projects for the restoration of dignity. I'm interested in new ways to promote Culture and Art through networks and new technologies, in addition to being an intermediary agent interaction to promote multiculturalism and gender issues. I am Founder and Managing Virtual Women's Collective Art-Essence Project, highlighting the International Mail Art Project about Women exhibited in Spain, Colombia and The Netherlands.

    I'm Co-founder of ArtGestión Lab+ creating international exhibition projects. In 2014 I was selected as curator of TINA Prize.