kaz Turner


    • Female
    • Designer
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    since a very young age I have always had an avid interest
    in the concepts of visual art. I began to write and illustrate
    in my teens and continued to do so as a hobby.

    i pursued an artistic career for a short while, although circumstance led me to a change in career. I eventually resumed and enrolled onto a part time class at my local
    college. This transition intensified my eagerness to create a personal style of decorative imagery. I then progressed to the foundation course in Art and Design. I went on to attend Glyndwr University where I gained a B.A Hons In, Illustration for Children Publishing, and evidently
    this is where I learnt my assiduous attention to detail. Although I experimented with a plethora of materials, Coloured pencils, were my chosen medium during this time, however I now prefer the use of pastels to create
    my designs.

    for me, my love of wildlife and the natural world has inspired
    me to Create realistic works of art. My aim is to capture the
    spirit and Character of the animals I paint. As a consequence
    I consider it an Honour and a pleasure to illustrate my love
    of nature and animals in art.