Kirill Marlinski


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Sculptor


    Kirill Marlinski Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

    About the artist

    Kirill Marlinski was born in 1983 in Kiev. He grew up in the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Germany and the USA, went to six schools, two universities and moved more than 15 times to settle back in Kyiv in 2004. Now he is a father of two beautiful children, a loving husband, a beloved son, a godfather and, inter alia, an artist.

    A constantly changing environment played a key role in shaping Kirill, forced him to adapt and provided him with an unconventional set of perspectives. During his professional career he has excelled as teacher, synchronous translator, market analyst, recruiter and successfully led sales departments for several international companies in various regions.

    Then a curious event occurred on November 21st, 2013… Kirill has quit all commercial activity to focus on what became known as Euromaidan. Kirill also became the co-founder of NGO “Automaidan Kyiv” to direct public efforts on saving lives, supporting Ukrainian volunteer battalions, initiating systematic transformations and raising international support for Ukraine. During this time of drastic change through organizing mass demonstrations and manifestations Kirill rediscovered his affinity for Art, which has been hidden under layers of compromise for about twelve years. It’s been a long quiet before the storm of creativity erupted like a volcano in the midst of the ocean causing huge tsunami waves to wash away all that’s been done giving Kirill a fresh canvas for a new stage of life. The life of an artist.

    Revolution ignited… First came poster and banner design for protests and manifestations, politically charged stencils, graffiti, then public performances on an international scale and somewhere in between all these boiling points Kirill’s brush touched the canvas and opened the gates to the new love of his life – oil painting. Kirill found a state of mind, where change, transformation and vulnerability could be freely embraced to become transcendental characteristics within his paintings – the common denominators for abstraction and realism. Capturing the ephemeral and displaying it in a new light to inspire insights is Kirill’s way to enrich our unique heritage for future generations.

    Some of Kirill’s oil paintings have been displayed in Mystetski Arsenal (2015) in Kyiv, Ukraine and on ArtPrize7 (2015), Grand Rapids, Michigan. A number of artworks are held in private collections in the USA, Germany, Ukraine, and one belongs to the Embassy of France in Kiev. The single biggest collection of Kirill’s artwork is on display in Kirill Marlinski Art Gallery and showing by appointment only, which you can book using the provided contact information.

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