Kirill Marlinski


    • Male
    • Neoconceptual
    • Mixed media
    • Drawer
    • Designer
    • Painter
    • Sculptor
    • Video artist


    Kirill Marlinski Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

    About the artist

    Kirill Marlinski - a painter. He was born in 1983 in Kiev, lived in four countries, went to six schools, two universities and moved more than fifteen times before settling in Kyiv. A constantly changing environment played a key role in shaping Kirill, forced him to adapt and provided an unconventional set of perspectives. Before he became a professional artist in 2014, Kirill created a successful career in sales and played a variety of roles such as foreign language teacher, market analyst, recruiter, team leader, manager, fundraiser, activist, revolutionary, volunteer and NGO co-founder. With the help of his rich experience, Kirill explores social, psychological and metaphysical aspects of being human. While some of his works unveil truths, curiosities or subtle meanings, other works succeed in concealing the blatantly evident. He believes that original stimuli for contemplation are of the greatest value and he creates them in his art.