Kirsty Mitchell


    • Female
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Kirsty Mitchell is a fine art photographer who has exhibited in London, the Netherlands, Milan and South Korea..

    Kirsty's unique approach to photography draws on her origins in costume making and over a decade as a fashion designer which included internships at the studios of Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan Described as a multi-faceted artist, her experience in design and artistic direction combine to produce images of beguiling dream-like worlds, all shot in the English landscape surrounding her home.

    Kirsty describes her approach as ‘fantasy for real’ spending months meticulously handcrafting her characters costumes and props to coincide with the bloom of wild flowers or the extremes of our natural environments.

    Her four year ongoing series ‘Wonderland’ has been internationally published with features by the BBC World News, The Huffington Post, Polish Harper's Bazaar, Chinese Harper's Bazaar 'ART' , Vogue Italia , MSN and The Daily Mail.

    The emotionally charged project follows a deeply personal narrative in memory of Kirsty’s mother who died of cancer in 2008. The ongoing series of almost 70 photographs are influenced by the faded memories of the stories her mother read to her as child,and the fragments of book illustrations from which they came. Kirsty works as a full time artist and has recently been awarded 'Best Conceptual Photographer of 2012' by the US {Framed} Network. She has also received the honor of being made Nikon Uk's first ever Ambassador of Fine Art Photography in 2013. Kirsty is currently represented by The Morren Gallery in the Netherlands, The Mark Jason Gallery in London, and is part of the the Morpho contemporary photographers collective.

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