Klaus Jörres


    • Male

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
    1973: Was born in Dueren, Germany

    The basic element of Klaus Jörres’ paintings is a stylized surface covered with paint – a grid. He explores the structural essence of the medium of painting in a practical, almost clinical, manner. The austere appearance of his works implies an interest in repetition but, for the artist, there is no such thing. His paintings, in their purity of form and rigorous design, stake an impersonal and anti-biographical position within a classical mode of abstraction. The overriding formalism of Klaus Jörres’ work establishes itself independently from its surroundings; yet like binary code, each individual work is a valid representation of the whole. Reiteration, not repetition, is therefore logical and essential, the poetic source code all his paintings share.

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