Kristen M. Watson Art Studio Studio


    • Collage
    • Digital artist
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • contemporary


    Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild Gallery, Johnson, Vermont, USA

    About the artist

    I am an intuitive and project-based artist and make work in a variety of media. My work comes about as I continue to examine my own ideology and intently watch my day to day thought. While this inward work is going on, I continue to closely observe the flow of everyday objects that find their way into my experience, thinking about how these items came to exist and why and how they ended up in my hands.

    Much of my work consists of building textural, sculptural layers of disparate materials onto a two or three dimensional surface. This can be in the form of collage, assemblage, or texturally rich works on canvas or panels.

    Increasingly my work contains these repurposed synthetic and organic elements and natural found objects. A discarded takeout container, a make up compact. A broken drinking glass or scrap of fabric. I consider what potential they have to be deconstructed, reorganized and reimagined after their usual purpose is fulfilled or cut short.

    Substantially my work can comment on social, relational, or emotional lines of inquiry that I am actively examining within myself and observing in others directly or indirectly while also striving to achieve an unusual or distinct formal and aesthetic quality rich in texture, color, pattern and purpose. It can also be purely aesthetic and intuitive, emotionally evocative.