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    About the artist

    Architecture is a great mastery! It has vast and tremendous blast. Its spiritual energy is best manifested through cult buildings and monuments. But where is this intangible load coming from? From the worships or the geographical location? From the guarantor or from the pilgrims? Since the pilgrims (adorers) believe in their idolatry and cult is still spirited, the force of temples and memorials is affined with pilgrimage, rites and rituals. Slowly the cults die and lose their magic. But the architectural works (creations) keep on living and inspiring humanity thousands of years yet. Furthermore people out-of-religion (remote from) and ethnicity from their formers. What does this mean? It means that the true medium for the immaterial power of architecture is the soul (spirit) of art, the tone of the architect. When artist creates a work of art it becomes immortal, eternal. That’s why, it is a crime to ruin, to ravage a piece of architecture which is linked to a cult-dead and alive. There are myriad work