Lara Almarcegui


    • Female
    • Installation

    About the artist

    He currently lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
    She has obtained several grants and scholarships to the creation which include that of the Government of Aragon
    1972: was born in 1972 in Zaragoza, Spain
    1991: It begins the Bachelor of fine arts in the Faculty of Cuenca
    1993-1994: will be invited by Werner Büttner to the Faculty of art in Hamburg
    1995-1998: will be formed at the École des Beaux Arts de Nantes same year will begin the graduate program in art at De Ateliers 63, Amsterdam, which will be completed in 1998
    2008: She was awarded the prize eye Arts critic

    "Objects barely interest me, what haunts me are the places and my active relationship with them, I find frightening the way we have been taught art: producing objects in the workshop that travel by truck to the exhibition hall, where they are exhibited."

    Lara Almarcegui