Lara Kaló


    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Lara Kaló, Andalusian artist (Granada) has managed to create a unique style and distinctive, thanks to the freshness and colorful paintings.

    In general, in the work of Lara Kaló highlights its content sixties, developing uncontrolled spaces, from which it captures the essence of his paintings. Life, colorful, joy, freshness and sympathy are some of the adjectives that come in mind when contemplating his canvases.

    In his works most of time are women, women that for some reason, whether it be his career or his personality, he is called care.

    Appears Lola Flores, which has painted by his temperament, playing with his brushstroke espontania. Rossy de Palma by its character, Brigitte Bardot for her beauty...

    His technique is acrylic with a spatula on canvas. Sometimes also enamels synthetic why likes to play as Pollock, get the fall of drops, simultaneity and spontaneity. Likes to paint live and interact with the performance portrait.

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