Lara Ribero


    • Female


    Sala de Arte "Italo Grassi"
    Mar del PLata


    About the artist

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    Lara Ribero

    Poet and writer of Mar del Plata, in dramatic style, that his poetry is characterized by strong description of these images, which combines with a romantic lyricism, ranging from the passionate to the erotic which shows a strong and intimate poetry, which is its depth in the genuine sense of a raw and real, everyone that is in her rima a harmonic style that knows conjure through rhythm and metaphor and that even in the white of their verses can be seen the musicality of his kind of style without distance is that visceral realism that fines as a writer possessing a poetry finished and careful style dramatic and carnal.


    "Background publishing Buenos Aires" award for his contributions to literature and culture
    award women in 2003 and 2004 awarded by the Club of Lions Mar del Plata
    mention of Lighthouse's Honor Award for humanitarian work gold Vip
    Amaru Editoria l Nobel Prize writers
    "Residents of Bragado" honorable mention award
    Prize time of training to the culture of 2014
    award provides time to culture in 2016
    innumerable prizes in various national competitions of poes IA and tale

    < span style = "text decoration: underline;" > cultural representations

    Member of the Municipal Council of culture
    jury consultant Estrella de Mar
    Member Sea Film Festival the silver
    sworn in the biennial of young art
    jury games Buenos Aires in literature and Comics
    jury of VII-VIII-IX-X. 11th edition of the illustrated poetry
    literary supplement contributor Diario La Capital
    Partner Internet literary Portal
    Coordinator literary workshop theme
    Poet Creator Group Literary


    "Night Hunter"
    "My life as a Myopic"
    'A flor de piel'
    "Lights in the Night" 2nd Edition


    "El Cántaro"
    "love … between the ridiculous and the sublime"
    "I poet"
    "La Faraona"
    "poems and stories"
    "Los 7 Pecados Capitales"
    "the Scriptures"
    "Amores Perros"
    "Lords … I" I'm Tango"
    "Hidden truths"


    Casinos" Sala Italo grasias "employees Association
    Casino"Rest of the Bristol room"sea
    "art gallery contemporary"sea Museum
    library Piorno Ñusta
    Hotel Costa Galana"Sea Gallery"
    Hotel Santa Teresita
    Hotel Latinoamericano (Mar de Ajó)
    Hotel Primacy
    Springs towers
    Museum Cleto Cioccinni
    Institute move - IMFC

    in MAR del PLATA book fair

    of the 1st Edition until 11 ° Edition 2015

    sample of RECITATION

    "under the Gypsy Moon"
    "Nights of poetry and Sax"
    "World day of poetry"

    social projects

    training in the prevention of suicide of the Batan prison staff
    formation of suicide prevention at the Department of volunteer firemen of Sierra de los Padres
    lectures and courses in the Prevention and in Crisis

    cultural projects

    "tribute Federico García Lorca"
    "tribute to the lyrical Universal"
    "My verses on the wall"
    'I recite those verses' 1st is national poets and reciters

    pages and literary BLOG

    Lara Ribero poet and writer
    still rhyme breathe
    starting with n Ada

    Page SOCIAL

    CYAAD suicide prevention

    P commercial page

    Reiki and meditation
    healthy body healthy mind



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