Laura Iniesta


    • Female

    About the artist

    1979: Laura Iniesta was born in Barcelona and his first exhibitions are in this city.

    Exhibits and live in America for a long period during which becomes impacted with its exuberant tropics and this experience reflects positively on his work.
    There is the opportunity to meet and share experiences with large contemporary painting.

    Its Mediterranean heart returns to Barcelona, where his studio definitely installed and from there works its many exhibitions and projects at national and international level.

    His work, gestural, matérica, and direct visual impact and sense of balance, have enormous aesthetic strength and great ability to move the viewer, which is not indifferent.

    - Torruella of Montgrí, Spain / Vila Casas Foundation - Palau Solterra / "Pate de Foie" with Faustí Llucià (I)
    - Paris, France / Galerie Charlot - "Territoire du sable" (I)
    - Shanghai, China / CEIBS - "Barcelona / Shanghai" (I)

    - Knokke, Belgium / Arfa Gallery - "Dialogues" (I)
    - Aix en Provence, France / Galerie Ardital - "Abstractions" (C)
    - Andorra la Vella / Sala d'Exposicions Govern d'Andorra - "Tinc one somni" (C)

    - Paris, France / Centre d'Etudes Catalanes Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne - "Creuant the Fire" (I)
    - Shanghai, China / Shanghai Expo - Spanish Pavillion (C)
    - Sitges, Spain / Sala d'Exposicions Miramar - Martin Luther King Intl tribute - "Tinc one Somni" (C)
    - Chicago, USA / Matt Lam Studios & Stedman's Foundation AAD (C)
    - Barcelona, Spain / Fundació Francisco Godia "Art & Joguina" (C)

    - Lleida, Spain / Indecor Gallery (C)
    - Leon, Spain / Sharon Art Gallery - "Art zero" (C)
    - Montgomery, USA / Rosa Parks Museum (C)
    - Atlanta, USA / Marthin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site (C)
    - Detroit, USA / Museum of African American History (MAAH) (C)
    - New York, USA / Gabarrón Foundation (C)

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