• Female
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Designer
    • Collage


    Mirak Gallery Mashad Iran
    Gate Away Gallery Melbourne Australia
    Arasbaran Gallery Tehran Iran

    About the artist

    I, Leila Ghandehari started free art class (Mr. Espahboudi) when I was 13 and in Mashad one of the big cities in Iran after many years we learned different styles in paintings, but my favourite is collage, I really like to use any material and think about how mix them.
    Nature, animals, plants, architectures are my interesting ideas for paintings.

    July1999: BSc degree: General biology of Mashad Azad University in Iran

    May 21 to May 26/ 2005 Group Painting Exhibition at Mirak gallery in mashad
    Jun 2007. Group Exhibition at Gateway Gallery in Melbourne
    Apr 27 to May 8 /2013 Painting exhibition Arasbaran art complex / Tehran

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