Lenore Delgado


    • Female
    • Digital artist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Others

    About the artist

    I believe that all the creation has its own life. I consider Art as freedom

    ... My proposal is to make a refined approach exploring the blurry

    boundary between Identity and Experience, as well as my insightful

    exploration of Nature's beauty establishes a deep involvement with the

    viewers, both on an emotional aspect and on an intellectual.

    The fact of living in the tropics has allowed me to enjoy a wide range of

    colors generated by the sun throughout the day. It is magical

    appreciating the game of lights and shadow through the vegetation,

    enjoing the nuances painted in the sky at sunrise or sunset behind our

    stunning and peaceful Caribbean Sea.

    Art for me is beauty, magic and life. I think our expressions of art

    should bring possitive changes and if that happens in us, our duty is to

    spread it to others to experience these changes and thus a chain of

    solutions is generated, especially in children who have a future ahead.

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