Leonardo Ulian


    • Male
    • Multimedia


    About the artist

    The ideas and concepts behind Leonardo Ulian’s work stems from a profound interest in how systems can be applied in the process of making art, how something can survive within a scheme of convention, exploring the system itself in order to understand it, and perhaps, trying to find a condition of artistic autonomy within the framework created. Like Mondrian’s grids lifted from the constraints of their 2-dimensionality, the abstraction in his work appropriates ideas of reincarnation, and displaced communication, which is also a concept found within the 'mandala' form that has been appropriated from Buddhist and Hindu religions, hereby finding a newly formed meaning as much resulting from their new forms as they have from their apparent lack of defined structure. Ulian’s modus-operandi embraces his passion for electronics, music, science and graphic design.

    Ulian defines himself as a multimedia artist, and his art as playthings similar to childhood toys in that objects can be seen as a series of distorted mirrors of the everyday, a caricature of the real. This of course does not always have to be pleasant and/or easy to use but must possess – above all – a high degree of play value, which defines the capacity of a toy or artifact to stimulate and engage the viewer. In this instance, attention is moved away from the spectator to familiar places (usually from childhood) which have often been long forgotten but triggered and remembered as a result of the unconscious rational deep within. Ulian also works with sound installation and as co-founder of [The Apathy Band], he creates a noise environment using homemade toys while surreal stories are read along side these creations. He works and lives in London, UK.

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