Leonid Altshuler


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist


    Art Majeur Gallery, France

    Art Slant Online Gallery

    Fine Art America, USA

    Art Vitae Gallery

    Society 6 Gallery

    Art Wanted Galleries

    Rippingham Gallery, London England

    Neighborhood Gallery of Boynton Beach, Florida


    Light Space & Time Gallery

    U Gallery.com

    Indiewalls Gallery

    Richard Beau Lieu & Associates Fine Art Appraisers

    About the artist

    Art is an expression of ones inner most self. Self-expression frees the soul and allows it to soar beyond the common place which in turn bring about true creativity. My painting come about fast and furiously which I attribute to the theory of left to right brain transformation. My background and education have brought me to a point of being able to paint without boundaries. I see a world of abstract shapes and color and interpret my vision on canvas. In some cases my work has a degree of spirituality while other times it can be representational but always you can read into my symbolic nature and the clues I paints into my work.

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