Leonor Antunes


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Berlin and Lisbon
    1972: Was born in Lisbon, Portugal

    The sculptural interventions of Leonor Antunes (Lisbon, 1972) build their meaning from within their dense materiality, without making reference to a specific symbolic content, transforming the places in which they are installed and making visible the tensions and energy that exist in such places. Her work vindicates the material autonomy of forms and also a certain autonomy of meaning, the strength of the pure gesture. Notions such as measure, scale or proportion also play a key role. For Antunes, who lives and works in Berlin, restriction is something that articulates her proposal. Like artists such as Duchamp, John Cage or Rodney Graham, she imposes a series of very strict methodological rules on herself which, paradoxically, allow her to work with a great deal of freedom and to incorporate chance and arbitrarity into her sculptures – in which the means of construction are often apparent.

    Her work methodology involves the use of pre-existing elements and objects, which in many but not all cases are of architectural origin. She investigates what occurs when they are duplicated and/or relocated into time and spatial contexts that are foreign to them, and what new feelings and emotions they acquire upon such displacement. 

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