Lisa Call


    • Female
    • Textile

    About the artist

    My abstract textile paintings are informed by many elements: my love of the colors and geological forms of the southwest, repetition, pattern, and an attraction to human-made structures for containment such as fences and stonewalls. I work in series, exploring themes of interest in depth. Color is of primary importance and is combined, intuitively, in unexpected ways, employing a unique palette of cotton fabrics I hand dye. I am drawn to textiles by the tactile nature of the medium and intrigued by the flexibility of woven fabric in contrast to its underlying rigid grid construction. I manipulate sections of pre-constructed color, verses applying pigment in small brush strokes, to create a composition. Individual elements are freehand cut and placed onto a flannel-covered studio wall, where I work improvisationally, designing, constructing and refining the lines and shapes in the piece. Extensive stitching on the surface adds rich texture to the finished work.

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