Lisbeth Ledo


    • Female
    • Illustrator
    • Painter
    • Grabado

    About the artist

    Lisbeth Ledo (1989, Cuba) Ledo figuring draws on the wealth of illustration for the so-called "children's literature". Vivid colors, strongly contrasted; playful and diaphanous; outline "two-dimensionality" wishful thinking. It can be said without fear of doubt: Ledo Lisbeth has what you need an Illustrator: imagination, sensitivity, commitment to … your sample the sad Princess world is sufficient testimony.

    But when the viewer approaches more closely the works can realize that not everything here is innocence (good part of children's literature — I'm tempted to say that the best — is not innocent). '' Conflicts '' of these proposals, the version of the story, transcend the candor with which some of these stories of rabbits, wolves and carrots came to us. In most of the pieces there is a hidden claw, a looming trap. Sometimes it is more evident: a wolf in human genitals. Sometimes it is downright provocative: tone rises princesses. Sometimes it is disturbing: foxes that are princesses

     Yuris Nórido/ CubaSí

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