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    About the artist

    Lita Cabellut was born in 1961 in Spain and lived a gypsy childhood in Barcelona. At the age of 13, after a crucial visit to the Prado museum, where she became enthusiastic about the old Spanish and Dutch Court-master painters, she began classes in classical painting techniques. At 19 years old she moved to The Hague in the Netherlands and studied in the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. In 1987 she had her fist important solo exhibition at Arte et Industriae in The Hague, Netherlands, and from that point onward she has exhibited regularly in both solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Spain, China, Belguim, Portugal, and the USA. Cabellut´s work is based on memory, intimately intertwined with her experiences in the city of Barcelona and her relationships with its pickpockets, strolling players, clowns, transvestites, and prostitutes. Cabellut has a unique pictorial language, using a contemporary variation on the fresco technique and an immensely communicative and personalized ‘Cabellut-palette’ of littl

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