• Female
    • Neoconceptual
    • Mixed media
    • Installation
    • Abstract expressionist


    About the artist

    Lola Díaz

    Plastic artist Lola Díaz has a strong connection with Graphic Arts. Since the beginning, her work has suggested the contrast between these intuitive abstractions and the carefully plotted geometric shapes of it.
    She attended Agustín Alamán, Jordi Alcaraz, Joaquina Cortinas and Gutierrez Navas Workshops. Her work has been exhibited widely in Spain. Among the galleries that have shown her work are: Catarsis (Madrid), El Cuarto Simpático, Los Remos, El Saco, Civil Engineering University, Catalan Circle, Contemporary Art Museum; Financial Institution (Vigo), La Maison des Associations Saint Germanoises (Paris); Gallery Anagma (Valencia). She has been part of many fairs, including Estampa (Madrid), Frankfurter Buchmesse, Lineart ‘99 (Gante). Diaz has won several Graphic Arts Prizes.
    In 2010 she exhibited at Palacio La Lila from Oviedo and at the El Cuarto Simpático in 2011. Art Room currently represents her at Investigación y Arte.

    A strong connection between Graphic arts, different conceptual and technical languages characterizes Lola Diaz's work. The harmonic speech is taken from the basic shapes order hidden in geometry. She uses Formalism’s resources adding materials like paper or metal, which are glued, torn or cut. The final appearance becomes fascinating, and geometry maintains its cleanliness and pure beauty.
    This way of working became in her first Installations; she started with "wood" and after “aluminium". Some of them are shown in this catalogue. Her last series -composed of light boxes- has become more intimate and introduces methacrylates and LED lights.