Lourdes Presedo


    • Collage
    • Sculptor
    • Photographer
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter
    • Video artist


    Juana Francés- Madrid


    About the artist

    Art has an important place in my life although it is not everything, I do not like to be too grandiloquent, for me it is a way of transmitting, perhaps the best way that exists, it is not a matter of tastes, nor of abuses. More and more the word art is used for almost everything, it should not be like that, I think it is something very delicate that we have to take care of and not abuse.
    I never start a work with a preconceived or too clear idea. Sometimes the issues appear spontaneously, sometimes between dreams (most), I think we are smarter at night, although it is good to be attentive to everything, walks on sidewalks, muddy roads ... In short, always be with the antenna on, although that in a way is exhausting and obsessive.
    In my work I intend to reach a maximum simplicity, that any situation can lead me to an artistic experience. I'm interested in photography, video. the installations, the art object, the painting ... be polyvalent so that the work speaks in the best possible way, we should not underestimate the viewer with probably unnecessary and dangerous intellectual explanations, both by extension and by artifice. I like that the spectator interprets the work with the few clues that I can leave, or not to leave, simply to create a certain curiosity is my intention.