Lucy Raven


    • Female

    About the artist

    1997: Belles Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    1998: Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland
    1999: Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain
    2000: BFA studio art, BA art history, phi beta kappa, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

    I’m interested in how images work: how they function; how they labor; what happens to them when they’re worked to the point of exhaustion; and what that looks like. I’m also interested in images of work: how objects and systems, particularly those that underlie the global economy, operate up close, in ways that a single viewpoint can capture. New international labor conditions, along with the latest digital photographic technologies, are changing the way images are formed, how they work, and thus, how we see and experience them.

    Much of my work over the past several years is aimed at investigating shifts in image standardization (shared technical standards, which often grow out of military advancements, for how images are displayed for collective viewing in theaters and home entertainment systems) and emerging formats, such as recent developments in stereoscopic 3D. In the context of photographic and cinema history, today’s newest picture codecs can also be regarded as tomorrow’s obsolete formats. As such, they designate the particular desire and contribution of our time to the technology of seeing.

    Lucy Raven

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