Luís Gálvez Urbano


    • Male
    • Sculptor

    About the artist

    Slowly this artistic vein sculpts a way of life, a way for me to breathe. I use materials that already have history, they have already experienced. When I work I try to give it the importance or relevance they had in the past, it is as if the return of "lost dignity." Iron, stone, glass, wood ... you have your period useful when I recycle are not important when he is "worth" in the strict sense for our society. I try, like a mother giving birth, make these objects inherts talk and give them a new life there, beyond what were. When I compose, ask themselves what they need, and as such, they command on the outcome of the sculpture; However, based on hard materials and can get violent ways to project warm relaxants.La key is the balance between static and movement between space and form. The materials define the space in which you work and have no time limit to express what you want. In creating a piece involved all units that form. These come from places as diverse as their utility, but combine and coordinate in order to find the harmonic there a link that become sculptures. This is a challenge that I like, because thus establishing a dialogue between sculpture and me, a mutual give and take in order to give it to done. The pieces are open to different interpretations despite being categorical expression due to static materials, hard and aggressive up there all that up. I try not to change their power for themselves each of them, because in the final rule relaxing the result of an aesthetic antithesis. I find it positive that every individual who enters into dialogue with one of my pieces, shows a different conclusion. The composition of materials entrusted vitality that I'm there and held for those who look. I left not influenced by any guideline or artistic setting, which is the predominant feeling in my creations. They are an expression of my mood and I enjoy watching its progression. This is the trigger that makes each sculpture, despite being made of similar materials, express different feelings. In addition to the reduced chromatic range between components plays like a picture in black and white it was, which increases the tension points of the work and this makes breathing.

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