Luis Martinez Sanz


    • Male
    • Artista Plástico

    About the artist

    The development of my work has been marked by a continuous research that has given my work an investigative and experimental nature.

    My painting today is quite immediate, expressive and mostly abstract. It has not had a linear nor rotational evolution, but of constant change where, saving the initial stage, would distinguish two painting stages.

    A first in which I am very interested in composition, color and treatment of textures, where most of the work is figurative, but with a tendency to creative freedom and reaching at the end of this stage the full abstraction. I try to establish a vocabulary derived from my own experiences and where the colors in these works aren't real, but worked from the inside. I start to include new materials on the canvas, such as paper, soil, wax, plastic, cardboard or wood. I try to paint in a timeless way, where the surface, color and material form a whole.

    And in the second phase, which would cover from the year 2006, I try to develop a new language, where is established a greater complicity with the audience, trying to discover a new reality, with greater spiritual load, decontextualized of the present time. The abstraction becomes owner of the majority of the works, where the compositions are previously reflected and, subsequently, intuitively renovated, trying to transmit more intensity to the viewer.

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