Luis Sanz


    • Drawer
    • Graffiti
    • Painter
    • Street art
    • POP


    Galería José Rincón. Madrid.
    Johnny Cool Art Gallery. Madrid.

    About the artist

    Karpov Shelby desired reality and what you wanted? Consider me beloved, feel loved on Earth. Raymond Carver

    the painting of Luis Sanz not is a paint reflective. Does not direct his gaze inward, not interrogated about the nooks and crannies of the intimate space, or exercises in introspection. It is not a painting that renounce the fleeting joys of the concrete, inhabits a world where abstraction exercises have no place. On the contrary, the painting by this artist from Madrid, found easy accommodation in stretch succession of days, in the warm multiplicity of the story, in choral narrative of fleeting friendships and the happening of the events. It is a sensual painting that leaves in search of an ever elusive reality. His pictorial quest has much adventure and demand, longing and vagrancy. The search impossible of the love, the realization full of them promises that is make to them friends, the NAP of a Faun urban that, to the heat of them hours, moves them brushes by the taste of move them. Luis Sanz paints with the candor of here them that by becoming orphans from children, not never lose the childlike desire of the encounter with the world. For this reason, when he paints, paints to retain the anecdote, to freeze the moment, interrupting the jingling and deafening flow from oblivion and save what is bound to be deleted by the time. It is a painting officiating intimate journal, photo album, notebook field and filter erotic to preserve the winding flow of desire. His painting leaves in search of the form that misses to recompose after sex, joy matted around music and the night of the winding trace of smiles and the hesitant lost steps that are cleared, with the dawn of the alcove. It is a simple, hedonistic, simple, direct and beautiful painting. Sometimes, who look little attentive just entreverá this after a stroke beautiful, spontaneous and free. However, who not is lost in them turns sweet of a drawing sweet, hear it called honest of who only seeks in the life live in a reality desired. Or put another way, who demands of life what Raymond Carver summed up with emotional simplicity in the term feel loved on Earth.

    February 2016