Álvaro Pérez Mulas


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Designer
    • Sculptor
    • Photographer
    • Illustrator
    • Installation
    • Neoconceptual
    • Performance
    • Video artist


    Galería Quorum. Madrid. España
    LACDA. Los Angeles. Estados Unidos
    Galería Benito Esteban. Salamanca. España

    About the artist

    I was born in Zamora, a small town in Spain. I formed in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca, in addition to learning from my father, the sculptor Hipólito Pérez Calvo. My interests soon increased from the sculpture of my childhood towards the other forms of creation that I discovered in college, especially photography and audiovisual culture. This change was crystallized in the year I spent in Amsterdam, where I immersed myself in the world of contemporary art.

    I seek to express my ideas in the most suitable way, so I'm looking to get the right resource. I work primarily with photography and sculptural installations, but also with video art or performance, looking for interdisciplinarity and experimentation, focusing on communication and relationship between resources. I try to use the means, the technique, the appropriate skill for the point I want to transmit.

    My work deal with several subjects just interacting in different series: the notions of reality and representation, the system of perception and its biased interpretation based on vested interests, both to question him as to take advantage of using it as a starting point; the relationship between the media, especially the visual and literary; the evolution and the consequences that the course of time cause on men and their surrounding; or the duality of presence and absence , and the trace of the presence of that absence.

    I have shown my artwork in galleries, museums and cultural spaces in the vicinity of my hometown, in Salamanca and Valladolid, as well as in the rest of Castilla y León, Madrid and many Spanish cities. And also in different spaces in Paris, Ghent, New Delhi, New York, Los Angeles or Miami.

    In parallel I have developed a work of innovation in artistic education with Red Dot Collective who was founded five years ago. My approach to art education and my creative work can not be differentiated.