Álvaro Sellés


    • Male
    • Street art
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Collage

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    The ways of the master ALVARO SELLÉS

    There is a deep, ancient, beautiful, round, Word sacred, Gospel: master

    Professor teaches its knowledge.
    Professor the expands.
    master transmits its own and creates a way to be.
    puts his disciples on the road to be followed so that his career is intelligent, ethics, aesthetics, and generous.
    "Walker no road, road is made by walking" tells us the master Don Antonio Machado.
    will be companion in the journey that each disciple is to be followed, from liberty, watching that this walk does not suffer deviations.
    will be compass and Samaritan.

    Now Sellés gives us the best example of his masterful creation in this exhibition.
    "it is one thing to do and another is saying" we conveyed the Grandmaster Don José Bergamín
    painting Sellés is made with a privileged hand and agile and such with sensitive intelligence.
    in it, there are three ways of creating : Landscape, children, and the PAINTERS.
    are a magnificent lesson in composition, drawing, light, technique, simplicity …, and color. This is only hinted at, as masked. Sellés plays hide and seek with the color to make us to be co-creators of works. This gives us some tracks, the light for that every glance you of his particular interpretation of the color of the Sun on the beach where children play.
    as the reader or the listener of a story put face to the characters and their voices, we can put the faces of color on these worksto make them a bit our look at them and remember them. Better to admire them.
    walk these paths that lead us to true art with Álvaro Sellés.

    José Alcázar
    San Lorenzo de el Escorial