Álvaro Suárez Vértiz


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Drawer


    Galería Carolina DeRossi
    Lima - Perú

    About the artist

    Speaking of Alvaro Suarez is talk about a very restless person I would rather say a character is introduced passionately in different ways. So we go through the deserts of Peru in his role as paleontologist or assembling notes very special music and sometimes just reliving memories especially the old plastic environment since its extensive photographic.
    His eagerness to learn different techniques and specialties country led him to Mexico where he studied with renowned teachers and resided for more than 15 years practicing drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, restoration and trade terms will arise along the way.
    This time we present a very creative group of works that rightly entitled Garabaticidios. His works of plasticity made ??with rhythmic momentum flowing scribbling who automatically, but in this game Alvaro colored lines very loose and fluid is idealized recreating scenes and characters that tell us something of his own mind, I think his work is an extension of countless dreams and concerns.

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