• Lynda Evans


    • Female

    About the artist

    Listed in Worldwide Who’s Who, Lynda Evans started drawing and painting alongside her artist mother at a very early age. Visits to her muralist grandfather’s studio (Ezra Winter, whose work can be seen in Radio City Music Hall and all over the country) spurred her interest in being involved in art. As she was growing up, the smell of oil paint and turpentine was always in the air at home. While in high school and college, she took every art class as electives that would fit into her schedule because she was discouraged from attending art school. Painting was not part of her adult life until recently when Lynda and her husband, Gerry, moved to Bucks County, PA. Now, using her grandfather’s easel, Lynda is doing what she has always wanted to do...paint...in her home studio. She has taken classes and workshops with both local and internationally known artists from whom she learned the basics of handling the mediums and techniques, but she is basically self-taught. Also, she has studied with internationally

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