Mª Rosa Vidal Tosas


    • Female
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Collage


    Galeria Zúccaro
    Sala Braulio
    Galeria Traç d'Art
    Galeria Beaskoa
    Galeria Manuela Talaverano
    Galeria Benedito
    Galeria Espacio 36

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Always have considered those committed artists dealing with issues of a social nature or involvement collective., but there are also other type of committed artists who are not so much interested by the topic and how to run it.This would be the case of Mª Rosa Vidal Tosas who has found in the painter oil and the spaces of light, the way to start an investigation that moves between the figurative and the abstract.

    But in its formal search, departed from the theme. He was contemplating the still lifes of Morandi, who discovered that they were possible new means of expression, based on simplicity and a language that appealed alos most primitive and ancestral feelings.A language that was quite contemporary, without other added that it was not the pure intimacy